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Aglaia Graf

Aglaia Graf played concerts in many European countries but also in Japan, China and Russia.

She has won many national and international awards. Among prizes, grants and awards was the prestigious "European Kulturförderpreis".

During the festival we present Aglaia's piano solo composition "Birth of Gods".

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Natalija Marchenkova Frei

Natalija has contributed to Swiss music culture and education with big and successful projects.
Her music is performed internationally.
Natalija's vast variety of compositional settings is as colourful as a rainbow.

During the festival we present her composition for orchestra and Hackbrett "Funkensonntag".

  • Natalija Machenkova

Julia Schwartz

Julia Schwartz  is a trained soprano with roots in the US. Her music for voice and choir has been performed internationally.

Julia is an engaged and creative choir director in Switzerland and Germany.

During the festival we premiere Julia's composition for voice and piano"Délice et Tendresse".

  • Julia Schwatz
  • Julia Schwartz

Bijayashree Samal

Bijayashree Samal is a singer, songwriter, composer and teacher. She is trained in Hindustani classical vocal.

Bijayashree has successfully performed internationally on different platforms and in different collaborations. Her music is colour and joy.

During the festival she presents her songs "Indian Monsoon" and "Mausam" together with her band.

  • bijayashree samal
  • bijayashree samal

Katharina Weber

Katharina Weber performs in various concerts in Switzerland and abroad. She has won a number of prizes and awards throughout her career. 

Katharina is also teaching piano and improvisation at the conservatory and Hochschule Bern.

During the festival we present her composition "5 Stücke für Cello und Klavier im Gedenken an Ruth Wäfler".

  • katharina weber

Barbara Rettagliati

Barbara started her compositional path in  early years. She is also an awarded pianist.
Barbara's  music has been awarded and performed in international festivals and on platforms as well as broadcasted around the globe.

During the festival we present her composition "Suggestioni da Füssli" for orchestra and clarinet.


  • barbara rettagliati
  • barbara rettagliati
Goldberg Sandra.jpg

Sandra Goldberg

Sandra grew up and was trained in the US. Throughout her career she was a successful violinist in various orchestras. Afterwards, her path led her to Zurich, where she played with the ZKO until her retirement. 


With all her lifelong experience in her bags she established herself as a composer and her music has been performed in Switzerland and abroad.

During the festival we present Sandra's composition for orchestra"Ginasteria".

  • sandra golberg
  • sandra golberg

Marylène Müller

Marylène is a young composer.
She has completed various experimental projects and is a creative and striving artist.
"Art is not an end in itself but it must
carry a message."

During the festival we present her composition for orchestra "Juin 1942".

  • maryléne muller
  • maryléne muller

Margrit Schenker

Margrit can look back on a long and successful career in music, composition and arrangement/improvisation.


She has won numerous prizes and awards and her music has been performed in Switzerland and abroad.

During the festival we present Margrit's composition for flute solo"...und wo ist eigentlich der Eisvogel?".

  • margrit schenker
  • margrit schenker

Anastasiia Kuznetsov

Anastasiia has contributed with her music and performances to modern female composers awareness in Switzerland.
She successfully performs her music on different platforms and in competitions as well as in concert halls outside of Switzerland.

During the festival Anastasiia performs her compositions "Shine", "Flowers" and "Smile" with her trio "Tri Angels".

  • anastasiia kuznetsov
  • anastasiia kuznetsov
Kuznetsov Anastasiia.jpg
Giger Sarah2.jpg

Sarah Giger

Sarah is a trained traverso player.

Her knowledge and skill about microtonal music for traverso brought her to many contacts with mainly Swiss composers.


Next to composing she is performing and teaching in Switzerland.


During the festival Sarah presents her flute solo composition "Innen".


  • sarah giger

Laura Livers

Laura is a pianist and additionally trained in Music Theatre.

She has composed music for theatre. Contemporary music and working with experimental voice is her passion.

Laura has been internationally awarded for her music and performance.
During the festival Laura presents her composition "Kosara" for piano, cello and voice in her "Duo Frida".

  • laura livers
  • duo frida
Livers Laura.jpg

Esther Roth Knuchel

Esther is a classically trained musician.

Her experimental side led her to commissions for composing music for ensemble, choir and orchestra.


During the festival we present Esther's composition for cello and harp"Las Tardes".



    Iris Szeghy

    Iris is a trained composer with Hungarian and Slovakian roots.

    She composed, performed and recorded her music internationally.


    Iris has been honoured with many composition prizes and awards. 


    During the festival we present her composition for orchestra "Aria".

    • iris szeghy
    • iris szeghy

    Veneziela Naydenova

    Veneziela is a pianist and composer with Bulgarian roots.

    She composes for solo instruments, ensemble, choir and orchestra. Veneziela has been awarded for her music.

    During the Festival we present Veneziela's composition for orchestra "Des pas vers les étoiles".

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    Ilona Raad

    Ilona is a trained doctor and an autodidactic musician.

    Music comes from her heart and the inner desire to speak through music. This way you follow instincts but no rules.

    During the festival Ilona presents her composition for piano solo "Cielita / Forbidden Love / Confidence".


      Amalia Nohl

      Amalia is the youngest composer of the festival.

      At the age of nine she composed her first little piano piece that was premiered at Ely cathedral UK.

      She has attended composition classes at the ZHdK.

      During the festival we premiere Amalia's composition for string orchestra and timpani"It's about me".

      • amalia nohl

      Katharina Nohl

      Katharina is a pianist, composer, mother and founder and artist director of Swiss Female Composers Festival.

      "Enjoy the variety of the festival!"

      During the Festival we present her composition for piano and orchestra "By the Baltic Sea" .

      • katharina nohl
      • katharina nohl
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